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Let's start your journey


Serious growth requires focus, clarity of intent, and daily effort.  I can help you with that effort. I provide encouragement, guidance, inspiration, and a perspective acquired from over 30 years of my work.

  • 4 Session Package

    Every month
    Four 1-Hour Long Sessions Per Month
    • 4, 1-Hour Long Sessions Per Month
    • Online Zoom Coaching Sessions

Want to work together regularly?

I offer affordable packages for those who want to make a regular commitment to your transformation.

Tim O. Davis Spiritual and Transformational Coaching

Kind Words

Tim is a blessing. He brings compassion and joy when he speaks with you. I highly recommend anyone and everyone to start working on yourself with Tim. He is a great listener, and with his 30+ years of working with Mickey, Tim brings a fresh energy to self-reflection and unpacking a lifetime of trauma and behaviors that don't support your best and most free life.


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