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For over 30 years, I've resided at the Temple of the Universe, deeply immersed in the teachings of Michael A. Singer, author of The Untethered Soul. I have applied these transformative insights in various settings, including prisons, corporate environments, and individual coaching sessions. My workbook is designed to complement your reading of The Untethered Soul...

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This book is a concise walkthrough of the core teachings of Michael A. Singer.  It was derived from more than 20 years of talks and teachings given at the Temple of the Universe, and it serves as a step-by-step guide to learning how to work with one’s thoughts and how to become aware of the Self...

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One of my favorite books ever is Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse.  It is a journey through the stages of life and spiritual awakening.  It captures the nature of how we inhabit our lives and experience an ever-changing outward identity as we age, have careers and move through relationships.

Siddhartha Book Review


Yogananda's book Autobiography of a Yogi is a time capsule of the first wave of America gaining and feeling the spiritual power of the classic Hindu Yogic teachings. It captures Yogananda's life, his growth as a Yogi, and his evolution as a teacher and spiritual master in America.

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Guided Meditation

Enjoy this 5-Minute Heart Opening Guided Meditation featuring a quote from the Sri Atma Gita. 

Everyone has 5 minutes! Give it a listen now.

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