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Part 3 - Finding the Temple of the Universe - Meeting Michael A. Singer

In 1991 I graduatedfrom the Univerity of Florida and began working as a photojournalist at The Gainesville Sun. Stephanie and I had recently married, and we self-identified as either agnostic or atheist.

One day, a friend recommended we visit the Temple of the Universe in Alachua, about 20 minutes up the road from Gainesville. She said they have good talks about relationships. I'm not sure why, but we went.

I remember approaching the Temple for the first time and seeing a hippy-looking guy on the front steps of the tiny wood-framed building. We were looking at each other and he seemed friendly enough, but I felt he was looking right through me. I felt like he could see everything inside me, all my faults, bad habits, and weird desires. I felt welcome and accepted, but it was scary.

That was my introduction to Michael A. (Mickey) Singer.

Steph and I walked into the Temple, and it was kind of a blur. Lots of photos, little statues, and old stuff that looked important and mystical. I tried to fit in. I sat on the floor with everyone else. We did some singing, and Mickey started talking.

I don't remember what he talked about specifically, but I can recall how Mickey and this bunch of people were having a powerful God experience.

It felt like when the Holy Spirit visited my previous Church, except this Temple was thick with the same energy, and it never left.

Mickey's talk hit me in ways that were profound and specific to my life. He quoted the Bible beautifully, referenced Budhhist teachings, and cited teachers that I was then unfamiliar with, including Yogananda, Muktananda, and Ramakrishna.

His teachings were simple and powerfully constructive. I couldn't believe that this level of instruction existed. I was a different man when I went to work the next day. I learned to explore my intention, to find a space of introspection inside that didn't require anyone else's approval or judgment.

In Mickey, I found teachings that made me want to be better because that's what we should do as humans. His teachings didn't use fear, damnation, or judgment to motivate me to be better. His teachings used the power of unconditional love.

That day I fell in love with the Temple, Mickey, and his teachings.

I was home.

And I never left.

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Your journey is very intriguing to me. I am very interested in exploring my science background and how that fits in with a spiritual life. Looking forward to being involved very soon.


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