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Tim O. Davis Spiritual and Transformational Coaching
Tim O. Davis Spiritual and Transformational Coaching

Nice to meet you,

I'm Tim

I’ve spent my whole life searching for true freedom and spiritual growth. More than thirty years ago, I discovered Michael A. Singer and the Temple of the Universe and have been fortunate to live in the community since then. In that time, I have had careers, served the community, and now teach the Untethered Soul and Meditation to Florida Correctional Inmates.

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Consciousness Work with Tim O. Davis at The Temple of The Universe


Guided Meditation with Tim O. Davis at The Temple of The Universe


Life Coaching with Tim O. Davis at The Temple of The Universe
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To thine own self be true

a bit more about

My story

No one knows you like you do. In act 1 of Hamlet, Polonius gives his son, Laertes, his blessing and advice on how to behave while at college saying, “To thine own self be true.”  


However, at some point, we all need help looking past the layers of distraction, fear, and unproductive programming so we can reorient ourselves to align with our true nature. It helps to have someone on our side who can guide us and who truly has our best interests at heart.


Sharing what I have learned with Michael A. Singer during my 30 years of living at the Temple of the Universe is one of the highest experiences I have had in life. Mickey’s teachings, the power of our community, and the commitment to daily spiritual work are some of the reasons I live in this spiritual community.


This is where I learned many of the lessons that have helped me to live in alignment with my deepest self while facing life’s challenges and opportunities, including stressful careers, establishing deep, loving relationships being a positive force with co-workers, and helping my employees to advance and grow in their career fields.


These lessons apply to all of us, from my incarcerated brothers as I volunteer to teach courses on the Untethered Soul in Florida’s prison system to business leaders and athletes.

The Process

During these 30 years at the Temple, I have spent hundreds of hours connecting with people who have a deep desire to grow, to feel a sense of spirit, and to live their lives with a deep sense of clarity.


In listening to and working with these people, I have experienced a sense of connection and opening to the beauty of the human spirit, as well as a profound sense of how much pain and trauma the average person feels in a lifetime.  I have been fortunate to be so supported as I travel my path and I feel drawn to support others as they travel their paths.


Serious growth requires focus, clarity of intent, and daily effort.  I can help you with that effort.  I provide encouragement, guidance, inspiration, and a perspective acquired from over 30 years of my work. My job is to hold the mirror of self-reflection for you; to listen, open and help you to see what’s possible in letting go. To help you learn to recognize and trust your deepest wisdom and work towards becoming your best self. To help you become deeply connected to your intuition and find the part of yourself that is connected to the infinite. 


We'll determine: if we're a good fit, your objectives, create a plan, and establish a weekly routine of meetings, guided meditation, and reading assignments.

We’ll need about 4 to 8 weeks to set a pattern for your conscious internal exploration. You’ll be given some simple practices and practical advice on handling the challenges you will inevitably encounter.


My role is to be a source of stability, guidance, and inspiration.  I’ve seen and experienced miraculous transformations in my 30 years of consciousness work, meditation, and learning at the Temple of the Universe. Let me help you.

There is no mystery around this work. The main requirements are understanding, persistence, and intention. It’s like going to the gym to get stronger; you can progress faster and more efficiently with an experienced trainer.

Let's work together

healing from the inside out

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