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Tim O. Davis Spiritual and Transformational Coaching

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Compassionate and open-hearted transformational life coaching to help you heal past wounds, experience freedom and live with integrity.


Living and Working with the Untethered Soul

I'm thrilled to announce that my book, Living and Working with The Untethered Soul, is now live and available for purchase!

For over 30 years, I've resided at the Temple of the Universe, deeply immersed in the teachings of Michael A. Singer, author of The Untethered Soul.


I have applied these transformative insights in various settings, including prisons, corporate environments, and individual coaching sessions.


My workbook is designed to complement your reading of The Untethered Soul, enriching your experience with beautiful images, practical exercises, and journaling prompts based on instructional design principles.

I would be deeply grateful if you could purchase a copy and leave a review on Amazon. My hope is for this book to become a highly recommended companion to Mickey's books.


Living and Working with the Untethered Soul

Principles & Practices

Achievement with Serenity

Are you working as hard on your happiness and appreciation of life as you work on your business?


Are you living with a natural alignment with who you are in business and who you are with your loved ones, your family, and those you admire most?


From our research, these are the factors that drive life contentment:


  • Healthy Processing of Trauma

  • Living in the now

  • Having Self Love, Low negative self-talk

  • Practicing Prayer and meditation

  • The ability to view the mind objectively - being in a state of mindfulness

  • Being in your zone of genius or flow state

  • Knowing your talents and potential


Are you putting a focused and organized effort into achieving these outcomes?


Join us for a  6-week course via zoom that explores practical spirituality and how to work with habits, intentions and purpose to find Achievement with Serenity.

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